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Yoga, Mental Fitness, Health & Wellbeing, Education, Women’s Empowerment, Rural Transformation, Livelihood Training

In line with The PRESENCE Foundation’s objective to actively promote preventive, alternative, and complementary medicine and to encourage new forms of preventive treatment, the Foundation actively propagates the learning of PreetiYoga, a futuristic self-healing yogic practice of specialized kriyas and meditations, which, through a holistic approach – governed by the principle of ‘being in surrender’ – strengthens the individual to bear the pressures of contemporary living with serenity, focus, balance, dignity and a healthy productive lifestyle of physical and mental fitness.
PreetiYoga is taught during PRESENCEHappenings, and in training sessions in India and internationally.

“PreetiYoga is about making the very cells of your body conscious, thus readying yourself to listen to your inner master, the Antaraatman, Source.”

Maharishikaa Preeti

PreetiYoga is the empirically proven powerful, preventive, self-healing and freeing yogic practice of exercises, meditations and contemplations given by Maharishikaa Preeti in numerous PRESENCEHappenings over two decades. Practicing these powerful movements, sounds and contemplations opens up the floodgates of physical energy, emotional strength, conceptual clarity, and transformative creativity.

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The practice with its specialized kriyas like Genetic Listening, Micro Alignment and The Golden Kriya focuses on widening the awareness, and deepening the experience of the six chief realms of human consciousness – the physical, the emotional, the conceptual, the transformative, the uniform and the pluriform layers – through physical exercises, breathing techniques, very short meditations, enhancement of the senses, and the energizing practice of ‘being in surrender’ in all areas of consciousness.

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The potent techniques practiced in PreetiYoga bring about a holistic and life-changing transformation, stimulating the body’s innate ability to cure itself, energizing the system, relieving stress almost instantaneously, restoring the body’s flexibility, quieting the thinking and sensitizing the individual to the suffering of others.

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PreetiYoga also addresses, prevents and heals physical and mental fitness issues like panic attacks, anxiety attacks, addictive behavior and depression, as well as certain painful and debilitating neurological conditions that have no known cure, and that may well arise from an awakened Kundalini – a possibility hesitatingly being acknowledged even by western neurology and psychiatry.

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PreetiYoga in an adapted form is also taught to children. It increases their awareness of their bodies, improves co-ordination, and strengthens their will to be more active, flexible, physically strong, fearless, and to focus.

If you wish to learn PreetiYoga, or become a trainer, please contact us. 

If you wish to attract the protection of Punya, just as you ancestors did: Take PreetiYoga to the populace that would benefit from it. Make an individual or group donation of 10 lakhs to take this futuristic yogic practice to the people of your town.

Make a difference. Invite punya as your ancestors did.