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The PreetiBhojanam Annadaanam or LoveFood Program

Health & Wellbeing, Education, Livelihood Training, Rural Transformation
As part of The PRESENCE Foundations’ outreach programmes, wholesome protein rich PreetiBhojanam is ceremoniously prepared according to recipes given by Maharishikaa Preeti, and offered to all who need a nutritious meal, thus promoting health, especially of those whose diets are deficient in protein rich foods.
Annadaanam is the donation in cash or kind made by those, who, for social or spiritual reasons make these feedings possible. In India, Annadaanam is considered one of the noblest forms of giving.
Individual donors may decide to donate to attract general wellbeing and prosperity, when a child is born, on a birthday of one’s self or a loved one, on a death anniversary, on a wedding anniversary, on the Ekadashi or eleventh day after the full moon or the new moon.

“Feeding a person nourishing food is the most beautiful way to love them”

Maharishikaa Preeti

The PRESENCE Foundations’ PreetiBhojanam protein drives, where free protein rich foods like daals and pulses are served, are also accompanied by protein awareness activities such as educating school teachers and parents about the importance of protein in the diet.

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This sacred offering is consecrated to the body, to nourish the dwelling place of the divine.
PreetiBhojanam is offered by PRESENCE Foundation volunteers to school children, sadhus, volunteers, participants in the Foundation’s activities, those who attend satsangs, and anyone who is hungry.

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In the Foundation’s fruit distribution drives, children in schools are given a fruit each, whenever The PRESENCE Foundation receives the means to do so. The excitement is palpable as many children have never eaten an orange or an apple. The vitamins and natural sugar of fruits is a welcome addition to deficient diets of those from economically challenged sections.

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Inspired by the vast knowledge manifested by Maharishikaa Preeti, volunteers learn a new and conscious way to select food, the nutritional value of different ingredients and how to combine them optimally, and also which foods to work around, like sugar, glutinous foods, fried foods, nightshades etc.

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This training in cooking, nutrition and sanitary food practices is part of the Foundation’s livelihood training program. Volunteers are also taught the importance of paying attention to matter, how to arrange things in the cooking area, how to keep wash up areas, and how to maintain optimal flow in the kitchen, especially when cooking for large numbers of people.

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How to prepare and cook food so as to preserve the nutritional value of vegetables, how to store food like grains and pulses safely, without the use of insecticides or pesticides, how to keep cooking areas clean, how to handle food and water hygienically are some of the best practices incorporated in these training sessions.
The Foundation intends to streamline this practical knowledge base and knowhow into a regularized vocational training course.

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We are grateful for your wholehearted generous support for our abundant LoveFood program Preeti-Bhojanam.
May your donation bring you much joy, and invite the protection of punyaa, as it did for your ancestors.

“Simply put, if India is to claim her destined spot on the world stage, Indians will have to radically increase their intake of vegetable protein, and, on a war footing, reduce their consumption of sugar and fried foods.”

Maharishikaa Preeti