Mitti Daan 2024

Dear supporters of Sanatana Dharma,

For over two decades, Aaryaa Maharishikaa Preeti Maiyaa, with Her compassion and love, has been tirelessly relieving the suffering of countless people from all over India and the world who have come to Her, in deep distress and suffering.

Without an aashrama, centre, satsang hall, or even a permanent home for Maharishikaa ji – this sevaa has been done with love, under tough and challenging circumstances.

With immense grace, and with the support of great daanveers and daanveeras, we have at last found land for the Maharishikaa Maiyaashrama, here in Parashuraamabhoomi (Goa).


Donate as many truckloads as you can!
Help disseminate new knowledge.
Help nurture the crucial, ancient Guru shishya paramparaa.
Watch the miracles unfold!
Watch your prosperity grow!
Invite Punyaa just as your ancestors did!

Maiyaashrama is a dream and a vision of us shishyas, sadhaks, sevaks and sanatanis. A home for Maharishikaa Maiyaa. A space for seekers from all walks of life to come and receive blessings and answers, learn about themselves, reduce suffering and transform their lives.

As Maharishikaa Maiyaa’s presence becomes known through platforms like YouTube and other social media – the number of seekers who deeply yearn to be in Her presence, are increasing by the day and we don’t have a place for them.

The time has come to establish an Aashrama and Center. Be part of spiritual history in the making, help us build Maiyaashrama!

The Kapol community has thus far contributed greatly for the cause of Sanatana Dharma. We now seek your support for the next phase of our journey. Urgently, we require donations for 1000 truckloads of earth (mitti) to prepare the land for construction before the monsoons begin here in Goa.

Each truck of earth costs INR 4000.

Help us connect to devotees and philanthropists who would help us realise our vision.
We, Maiyaa’s sevaks, are deeply grateful for your efforts.

If you wish to embark on a unique adventure of self transformation and self realization, do come to Goa to the PRESENCE of Maharishikaa Maiyaa. There are satsangs ongoing from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon in Morjim, every day until February 28, 2024.
For more information, please contact: +91 98452 58000