Bhavatee Bheekshaam Deyhee

Love Inspirations

Love Inspirations for all
Help us feed the world’s Souls
Donate for PRESENCE Happenings

PRESENCE Happenings are satsangs with Maharishikaa Preeti ji where attendees immerse themselves in powerful transformational processes which result in their acquiring skills for lifestyle changes, and inspirations that bring about radical positive change in the physical, the emotional, & the conceptual.

Love Food – PreetiBhojanam

LoveFood for all
Help us feed the world
Donate for PreetiBhojanam – LoveFood

This sacred offering is consecrated to the body, to nourish the dwelling place of the divine. PreetiBhojanam is offered by PRESENCE Foundation volunteers to school children, sadhus, volunteers, participants in the Foundation’s activities, those who attend satsangs, and anyone who is hungry.

Various Trust Activities

Individual transformation for Social Transformation!
Donate for Various Trust Activities

This is a general donation from where trustees allocate funds for various Sevaas undertaken by the PRESENCE Foundation

Yoni Lingam Temple Corpus

Donate to build the Yoni Lingam Mahamandir.

The Yoni Lingam Mahamandir will be a space where the sacred divine feminine and the sacred divine masculine will be venerated. This PreetiMirror in the temple will be a Yantra for seekers, to self-reflect and deepen their self realization processes.

Bhaarat Dharma Yaatraa Corpus

Protect and uphold Dharma!
Donate for Bhaarat Dharma Yaatraa

We wish to organize Yaatraas, to each and every corner of the country. We need a corpus so that the interest of the Corpus can fund these Yaatraas. This would require a corpus that can generate upto 10 lakhs interest per month. Through answers, inspirations and blessings from Maharishikaa, seekers are awakened to protect and uphold the freedoms of Sanatana Dharma. 

Gaushala Corpus

Take care of the sacred cow!
Donate to build a Gaushalaa in Goa

In the wake of the indigenous varieties of our cows being endangered, The PRESENCE Foundation would like to build a Gaushala where all 33 varieties of the indigenous cows would be sheltered, protected and raised with love and care.