“Care for the world. Prosperity will care for you”

Maharishikaa Preeti
The PRESENCE Foundation

is an Indian non-political, non-religious, public service, charitable trust. 


Maharishikaa Preeti

is a powerful modern day female face of spiritual India.



are the one who can make a difference by catalyzing holistic societal prosperity!

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The Foundation

The PRESENCE Foundation is an Indian non-political, non-religious, public service, charitable trust created to empower the transformation of the individual and thus empower society.

The Vision

In line with the philosophy, ideals, and inspirations of Maharishikaa Preeti, to nurture individuals at large to lead a life governed by the experience of the Truth within. Thus strengthened through holistic transformation – which reduces the suffering within themselves, those around them and society collectively – each individual consciously contributes to the integral prosperity of current and future generations.

The Mission

To implement – through interactive programs in the areas of the PRESENCE Foundation’s mandate – the futuristic knowledge manifested by Maharishikaa Preeti, and to design these programs, respecting and honoring the precious ancient knowledge available in India, by creating, promoting and executing solutions that integrate this wisdom from the past, to meet the challenges of present times.

“It is your PRESENCE in this present moment, that allows a joyous future to design itself”

Maharishikaa Preeti

The Inspiration

Aaryaa Maharishikaa Preeti Maiyaa is a powerful modern day female face of spiritual India. She is a knower and a seer – a transformational pioneer and an intellectual force.

She was born in Mumbai and educated in Mumbai, in America and in Europe.

A revolutionary mystic who dares to demystify, she refuses to be constrained by the traditional limiting image of a female spiritual master in India.

Admired by the youth for her unconventional, modern, and refreshingly practical approach to spiritual matters, and her continual demystification of spirituality, she is  respected for her intellectual brilliance  

and her knowledge of art, film and design. The transformational processes she brings, successfully address the harrowing   large-scale mental crises faced by the youth of an unprepared contemporary India.

For close to two decades, shying away from the limelight, she has tirelessly worked to relieve human suffering. A powerful influence in the lives of thousands of people around the world, with her enduring compassion she teaches them processes by which to invite into their lives prosperity in all its forms, whether it be in interpersonal relationships, health or wealth.

Through the numerous PRESENCE Happenings conducted in India and abroad, she unveils to participants facets of themselves that can be fundamentally transformed so that they proactively and measurably alleviate not only their own suffering but that of those around them as well.

In India, she is addressed respectfully with the title of Maharishikaa, Sanskrit for great seer and knower – in female form. Preeti, the name she was given at birth, is Sanskrit for love.

The Team

Purushartha Saini


B.Tech. I.I.T. Bombay

Life Member, IIT Bombay Alumni Association
Founder and CEO – AristosLabs, Mumbai
Founder and CEO – SITSecure, Mumbai
Co-Founder and CTO – Pracman AG, Zurich

Dnyaneshwar Nartawadekar


B.Tech. MVJ College of Engineering, Bangalore

Co-Founder and CISO SITSecure, Mumbai

Rebecca Thakkar

Director, Programs

BA: Social Anthropology with Development Studies, University of Sussex, England

Former Red Cross Australia Co-ordinator of Program Development and Strategic Growth

Payal Amlani

Director, Donor Relations and Communications

BSc: Zoology, Mithibai College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mumbai

Founder Payal Amlani Designs, Mumbai

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